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Star Trek
This community is for fans of any aspect of the Star Trek franchise: the shows and movies, the books and comics, the trade shows and conventions, the universe and the genre.

While it is meant to be a (generally) open forum for any posting member to discuss any facet, the maintainer would like to focus most specifically on the Star Trek universe, as there are journals, communities, and whole website devoted to most other topics, ad infinitum. This community is meant, generally, to be a place to discuss the alternate history, the politics, the xenology, the futurist science, and the philosophy sprung as whole cloth from Gene Roddenberry's brilliant imagination.

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Community Rules

1. Please be respectful. We don't always agree, but we can agree to disagree and still be civil.

2. Stay on topic. This is a community about Star Trek - if it's not about Star Trek, it doesn't belong here.

3. Bold and large fonts (and pictures of bold and large fonts) are for accentuating points, not entire posts. Please don't use fonts to get attention.

4. If your post is an advertisement of any kind - other communities, RPGs or play-by-email games, podcasts, fan fiction, things you're selling or ebaying, or anything resembling them - only one or two simple lines should be visible. The rest can appear behind an lj-cut.

5. If you're posting icon sets or photos, please post only two or three icons or one small photo before an lj-cut, and the rest after.

6. Before posting an image, video, or news item you've found, please take a quick look through some of the community's recent posts to make sure the same subject hasn't been covered already. This is a big community with a long history, so most things have been posted at some time; in general we're happy if you take a quick look back through the last month or so.

7. All discussion of plot points of unreleased or recently released material should be placed under an LJ Cut and labeled clearly with the word "SPOILER".

(For instructions on how to use LJ Cuts, click here.)

These rules are here to make the community more usable, not less. If you have any questions about them or you feel that a post violates these rules, please contact a moderator.

10.06.06 Special thanks to seamusmclean for the usericon, and bunkey for the five captains' lithograph.

05.18.06 Here are some Star Trek resources outside our blog, recommended by our members. Search through these sites to find information on the stars, the shows and movies, and the future rumors, as well as detailed information on the cultures, planets, history, and cartography of the Star Trek Universe. (Special thanks to absurdhero, timsinister, and sofchance.)

  • StarTrek.com: The official website of the Star Trek franchise. A place to find official information on release dates, star news, and some details of the Star Trek Universe.

  • Memory Alpha:If you believe in the Wiki movement, this is a great site to find information compiled by fans. Startlingly comprehensive.

  • Ex Astris Scientia:Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Fansite, and a favorite for many. This site has a lot of information, but clearly emphasizes future ships and technology.

  • Trek Today: A great place for news and updates about the franchise. The site also has a popular forum for the online-socialite-Trekkie type. (note: the site has some pop-ups.)

  • Trek Core: Another relatively comprehensive encyclopedia of information, but this site's real claim to fame - More Screen Caps Than God.

  • Trek Connection: This site carries an impressive selection of Screensavers, WinAMP skins, Wallpaper, Fonts, and other computer media.

03.09.05 Alas, with the cancellation of Enterprise, there are few outlets left for one's obsession with new twists in the Star Trek universe. Thankfully, several fan-fiction sites have sprung up on the Internet, offering their own episodes set in various points in S.T. history. While they are not officially a part of Star Trek's canon, many of them are well choreographed and well acted, and they make a welcome diversion while we wait for the franchise to kick back into gear. Here are just a few of them; take a look, and if you find any more, let us know.

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