Amy (violachic) wrote in startrek,

I am curious if the Race Fail '09 thing has made anybody here look at Star Trek (or any other of your favorite Sci Fi TV shows/movies) a little differently? Or, rather, has it/how has it altered/cemented your views?

To be clear, I am not interested in replaying the debate on this thread- I am asking for genuine feedback.

For myself, and not even grazing the surface of my thoughts, I have always seen the Star Trek universe as imperfect, but the best thing I could find. I am impressed at the insights the writers and directors have on social commentary, but am often frustrated that they don't go as far as I think they could have gone.

Anyway- thoughts?

Edit: Sorry to assume everybody had been exposed to it. Explanation (well, a couple of links that help with summary of explanation) in response to first comment. I know a lot of people may not know/care, but I figured there would be some overlap.

UPDATE: If you have questions about whether or not something you have said, done, or written is racist, or don't understand why everybody seems to be attacking you, and have questions, racism_101 is a great place to start.

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