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"Can Gene Roddenberry Learn Anything From Terry Nation" by Edi Bjorklund - video
maidavids wrote in startrek
Edi Bjorklund's 20 minute academic talk - "Can Gene Roddenberry Learn Anything From Terry Nation"

Around 1987 Edi made this tape of her talk and sent it to me to illustrate with video, leaving black gaps at the time for her to use to catch up if she spoke too fast or too slow.  Over the last weeks I've filled in all the gaps and updated the images.  There was little I could do with the very old audio.  It's very pro Blakes 7 as I had just seduced her into the fandom, to the Nome editor's everlasting dismay.

Edi died in 2005, years after she suffered a massive stroke that stopped her from working or creating in fandom as Flora Poste.  I've wanted to do this forever in order to honor her, and I am just so pleased to have finally gotten it done.

I'm next going through some of my old convention tapes to see if I've got anything useful, like the original of Paul Darrow in our room sending a message to Gareth Thomas.  I can't find it right now but I have an original tape taken at the Trek crew's introduction into the NAB Hall of Fame.  Mostly scenes of them chewing, but I will search again.

Best, Mary


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