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I'm finally putting my Star Trek fanvids up on YouTube
maidavids wrote in startrek
Realizing that the copyright holders are now monetized makes me feel much safer about putting up my music videos, so I've put Star Trek videos.  More are up on my website.  As I'm doing this, I'm saving old projects and creating best existing copies for videos that haven't been up on my site in many years.  You may find there are vids available here that you haven't seen for 30 years.  Some are blocked and if there's any blockage I take them down immediately.  Some I'm still working thru, so expect more to appear in the next few days.  Good memories.  And I'm still working in Deep Space 9.  There are a couple more new videos there.

The full YouTube channel for Star Trek videos is:

The full YouTube channel for all the fandoms is at:

All videos are available for downloading at:

Hope you enjoy them.   Best, Mary


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