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Four new Trek music videos, and one new Mixed including Trek !
maidavids wrote in startrek
I'm planning on more DS9 videos.  Please let me know if there's a video not up that you'd like put up.

Hit Me with your Best Shot - Pat Benetar - DS9 - Quark/Grilka - 173 MB Mp2; 27 MB Mp4 - R: G

Loveable - Glass Pear - DS9 - Garek/Ziyal - 224 MB Mp2; 34 MB Mp4 - R: G

Boys of Summer - Don Henley - DS9 - Worf/Jadzea - 284 MB Mp2; 44 MB Mp4 - R: PG
I've played this song almost every month for 31 years looking for a fandom.   FINALLY!

Dashboard - Chris Young - TOS - Kirk+Spock - 214 MB Mp2; 32 MB Mp4 - R: G

If You Were a Woman - Bonnie Tyler - Mixed - 271 MB Mp2; 39 MB Mp4 - R: PG
Victor/Victoria; Sherlock Holmes; Star Wars; Red; DS9; STTNG; TOS; Quark; Get Smart; Men in Black; Superman; Dr Who; Star Trek; Boston Legal; Due South; Starsky & Hutch; Hobbit; Muncle

Best, Mary


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