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Action figure pictures 1:6 scale
dieastra wrote in startrek
As promised to belandlix here are some of the pictures I recently took with the Quantum Mechanix Kirk and Spock. If you plan to get them, act soon, I hear they are almost sold out.

More pictures also can be found on my LJ here:

Let's make music!

 photo DSC06226.jpg

Requiem for Methuselah

 photo DSC06294.jpg

This Side of Paradise

 photo DSC07073.jpg

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omg I love the stool-bashing one, lol. where did you get all these miniature props/accessories?

Thank you!
The Vulcan lyra in the first picture came with Spock. The guitar I once bought at some market stall. They had all kind of miniature guitars. It comes with a stand for display. I actually sent the seller this picture and he loved it!

The stool came with my President Obama figure. He is sitting on it, giving a speech with a microphone, and the American Flag in the background.

So some of my items come with other figures, there are always a lot of accessories (and different hands for different poses). But if you go to ebay and look for 1:6 furniture, you will also find lovely things like tables or sofas or shelves. Often handmade and sometimes very expensive so I try not to buy too much. This is where I got the table in the second picture from.

Here is a picture with my Sherlock figures where you can see some more lovely furniture I have. I also recently started to repaint and upgrade Barbie stuff. It looks much better when it's not all pink.

Here are some examples of that customizing. Please come over to my journal if you are interested in more!

 photo PA250015.jpg

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