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Star Trek figures 1:6 scale / 12"
It's San Diego Comic Con weekend and Quantum Mechanix have published pictures of their upcoming 1:6 scale figure lines. I am posting just the TOS stuff, there is also Next Generation, Supernatural, Firefly and Justified.
And I'll get my Captain's Chair! Yay! For those that are wondering, Uhura and Chekov are in the making as well. The whole team.

Kirk and Spock are already out and can be ordered. If you'll get the exclusive versions, you will get extra accessories - the phaser gun for Kirk and the Vulcan lute for Spock.

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prison break: michael
[12] Anna Paquin
[30] Gemma Arterton
[6] Olivia Thirlby
[7] Kate McKinnon

[7] Star Trek Beyond
[6] Random Friends Only Banners
[6] Trainspotting Friends Only Banners

More here @ mairbh
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1:6 scale Kirk and Spock figures by Quantum Mechanix
I cannot wait to get these. Here are two videos showing all the nice details of Kirk and Spock. I love especially the phaser and communicator. And they pose so well! I want to play right now.

Mega Bloks Bridge set
I've recently bought this awesome Enterprise bridge set made by Mega Bloks and I loved putting it together! It's been a while since I played with LEGO.

There is even a tiny NOMAD floating about ;)

If you like, see many more detailed pictures (also of the figures, they have many more joints than LEGO figures and can be posed very well) here in my LJ:

 photo Bridge.jpg

"STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" RETROSPECT: (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong"

"STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" RETROSPECT: (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong"

I wrote this ARTICLE about the "STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" Season Five episode called (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong".

Action figure theatre: The TOS crew collects money for "Star Trek Continues"
I am a huge fan of "Star Trek Continues" who continues making new episodes with our beloved TOS characters. They have an Indiegogo campaign at the moment for funding new episodes, which you can found here:

And if you don't know STC, watch the episodes here - believe me, they are simply awesome:

To help getting the word out for more money, I made this yesterday evening. The picture posted here is just the shortened Twitter version, but if you want to see also Bones and Sulu taking part and more detailed pictures, please click the link to my LJ entry here:

 photo STC.jpg
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find more of and who made them
only a trekkie would understand
Does anyone know who made this?

Trying to find more of them, and one for Sulu that reads "Ohh myyy!"

"Analysis" of Iconic Human-Vulcan Relationships
Me, Sahrgal
Ahhhhhh, Vulcans. Great creatures, aren't they? So serene, so austere... Elegant.... So MYSTERIOUS! *Gasp* It's no secret that I love Vulcans. Sometimes, I wish I could be one, but that isn't nearly as fun as knowing one. Sure, in our own timeline, they don't exist, so how should I know, right? Well, yeah, I don't, but from what I have seen on various Star Trek series, it's pretty epic.

Most of the time, those interactions start out pretty rocky. Not knowing how to act around each other, being confused by mannerisms, and cultural clashing... These things are obviously experienced by both humans and Vulcans at first. To a Vulcan, we might seem extremely unpredictable, irrational, illogical, brash, and inferior. We are loud, touch too much, are run by feeling more than logic. On the other hand, we generally see Vulcans as cold, unfeeling, painfully logical... Computer-like. In simple terms: our species are polar opposites. Vulcans bleed GREEN for crying out loud, a pretty far cry from red, I might say.

Despite all of this, some of the best relationships on all of Star Trek, whether they be friendships, command relationships, or diplomatic, are between humans and Vulcans. In the episode called "The Forge," the seventh episode of Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season, this exchange between Ambassador Soval and Admiral Forrest embodies the Vulcan curiosity towards humans and perhaps part of the reasons why they get along as well as they do with each dynamic relationship's respective human(s):

-----Soval: We don't know what to do about Humans. Of all the species we've made contact with, yours is the only one we can't define. You have the arrogance of Andorians, the stubborn pride of Tellarites. One moment, you're as driven by your emotions as Klingons, and the next, you confound us by suddenly embracing logic.
-----Forrest: I'm sure those qualities are found in every species.
-----Soval: Not in such confusing abundance.

Mutual mystery has created a timeless bond, it seems. Off the bat, most humans won't fully understand a Vulcan and vice versa. What better way to gain understanding than to get to know one, work with one (or many)??? There is no better way. Some of these relationships are straight up powerful in terms of command teams (Think Kirk and Spock). Others, while still powerful in their own right. Some are downright hilarious (Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy and Spock). Others are angsty and romantic (Think T'Pol's relationships with both Tripp and Captain Archer!!! .... Ok, ok, maybe there was no full-fledged romance with Archer, but there was definitely some romantic tension. Tripp and T'Pol--- Trippol ;)--- all the way still). Then there is the relationship between Ambassador Soval and well, humanity. He has a strong affinity towards the humans (It took time, rocky start). Tuvok being one of the members of a small group of people I like to dub "Janeway's Cabinet of Rocks" that include Tuvok, Chakotay, and (after some rockiness) Seven of Nine, they all kept Janeway at the best she could be. Like a multi-faceted Kirk-Spock command team. Then there is the undying love that could never be directly expressed between Lady Amanda and Spock as human mother and Vulcan son, but also between the Lady and her husband, Ambassador Sarek. All of these relationships are iconic in the Trek world.

The key to these amazing relationships is something simple: balance. BALANCE! Just like how our bodies need to maintain homeostasis to function without major issues, the manner in which a being chooses to live their life in practice and in philosophy is best when there is balance. On their own, in some ways, Vulcans are restricted. Centuries of grooming has made the expression of emotion not only distasteful and taboo in Vulcan culture, but difficult internally to varying degrees in Vulcans. To them, emotions are a weakness, logic is the ultimate strength. Conversely, humans are generally emotion-driven. Yes, we are more than capable of highly logical thought, but we normally act on emotion without it requiring conscious thought. We're known to make decisions based on "gut feelings," a concept completely foreign to most Vulcans. Together, that careful balance is reached. The logical Vulcan weighs the logic of situations and encourages discipline and the intimate knowledge of one's self; the feeling human encourages the taking of risky leaps in hopes of reaching the best outcome, compassion, and not living life according to some obscure set of rules to the letter. The Vulcan-Human relationship is a fine embodiment of Yin and Yang. Each side is strong, but they are strongest together, a power-house.

Customizing: Star Trek "A private little war"
This is what I did today - the vest from the TOS episode "A private little war". I glued together fabric and leather stripes. Sewing did not work. The fabric was given to me for free in a curtain store, how neat is that? The figure is not finished yet, I'll also do the pants and boots (and I just realized he misses the leather straps on his arms). But I wanted to show off the vest. The hardest part was actually making those tiny bowknots. With a tweezer. I don't think I'll ever undress him again ;)

If you want to see step-by-step pictures, please click the link to my LJ:

 photo vest.jpg

“Father Forgive”
Great World War

If I could send a letter back in time…

USS Coventry, NCC-1940Collapse )


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