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Hm. Well, the story has Kirk taking command after Pike (presumably) kicks it in a battle. Since Sulu starts in TOS as a botanist before moving to Helm, maybe in this he's a Psychiatrist who moves to Helm?

Sadly some people don't know the difference between a physicist and a psychiatrist. Or it could be the unfortunate mixture of an idiot and spellcheck.

Eh, he can't be worse than Troi.

sounds like a big typo...thats blasphemy!

Huh? Who's flying the damn ship? And what is Chekov doing with them? He didn't join the Enterprise crew until the series' second season. After Kirk had been captain for a while.

nah he just wasnt on the bridge yet, how else could Khan have recognized him?

This. He was just off-camera in season one.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Khan met Chekov after Pavel left the men's room... um, 'out of stock' of a particular necessity.

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Astrophysicist, helmsman, botanist, psychiatrist... Sulu can multi-task with the best of 'em.

Has anyone considered the possibility that Khan's recognition of Chekov in "WRATH OF KHAN" was a BLOOPER?

And even if Chekov was part of the Enterprise crew in Season 1, why wasn't he serving on the Bridge? During the entire season?

In this new movie, Chekov is definitely the ship's navigator.

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I would bet it was a typo- I mean, these synopses are probably typed up by some intern somewhere who thinks Star Trek is "that show with Luke Skywalker, right?". Either that, or Sulu had a really hard time picking a career.

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