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Action Figure Theatre: 50th anniversary
dieastra wrote in startrek
I forgot to post this yesterday:

Happy 50th Birthday Star Trek! Let's celebrate! #StarTrek50 #LLAP50

 photo Twitter 600 x 545.jpg

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omg I neeeeeeeeed these figures

Seriously, go get them! If you have the money. They are so worth it! I see you are in America, best to order directly from Quantum Mechanix then:

There you even have the chance for the exclusive versions, to get Kirk's phaser rifle and Spock's Vulcan lyre. There are also many pictures and explanations, what you will get for your money. Or you can look at my introduction posts:



I need to spam this group with all the awesome pictures I have taken recently. They look so lifelike!

Please do! They're so crazy detailed. I need to save up to afford both of them...

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