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Star Trek assignment for school

I'm a Society and Culture student in New South Wales, meaning that I've got to do a large research assignment called the Personal Interest Project (PIP). Within the parameters of the assignment, I've decided to look into interrelating the behaviour of fans with in "fandom", and the source media said "fandom" is based on. More specifically looking into the question of the "Mary Sue", and why women are the predominate creators of fanfiction and the like.

I've elected, as the main body can only be 4000 words long, to focus on Star Trek, as its long history will allow me to properly address the 'Continuity and Change' aspect of the assignment.

The PIP requires me to collect primary data, so I request that you answer the short survey linked below.

(I hope that this is ok to post here, sorry if not)

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

LEONARD NIMOY (1931-2015)

Leonard Nimoy, known to "STAR TREK" fans everywhere as "Mr. Spock", passed away this morning. He was 83 years old, a month shy of his 84th birthday. Mr. Nimoy died from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Here is an ARTICLE on the actor's life.

"STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" RETROSPECT: (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong"

"STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" RETROSPECT: (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong"

I wrote this ARTICLE about the "STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" Season Five episode called (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong".

Poor Miles
I only recently discovered this webcomic, which details the adventures of Miles O'Brien, in the transporter room, on the Enterprise-D.

He leads a very... interesting life.

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Rainbows and Continuity: Fan Media from the Star Trek Association of Irvine
burro, shrek

“This new Enterprise doesn’t seem very rainbow to me. The show’s planners, I believe, fell into a rut of racial indifference.” What exactly is the complaint in this critique of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Roddenberry etc., 2007)? The critic may simply seem to desire racial and perhaps sexual diversity in representations on ST: TNG. However, the critic identifies as a fan and is addressing other fans in a fan club. In the context of Star Trek fan culture, the critic may be interpreted as expressing a nostalgic desire for the old Enterprise in the original series of Star Trek (Roddenberry etc., 2004). It is conceivable that such a critic cares about diversity of representations because this diversity is required for continuity with the idealized older series. We might be inclined to ask, which of these two investments is the operative desire in this critique of ST: TNG? By drawing on the archives of the Star Trek fan club at the University of California, Irvine, I argue that these investments can be co-defining in the reception of Star Trek. By helping us understand how the fan can be defined through social consciousness and how social consciousness can be defined through the principles of fandom, STAI contributes a new model of reception to studies of Star Trek fan media.

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Research on Star Trek fan media (e.g. Jenkins, 1992; Drushel, 2013) had yet to account for the specificity of the Star Trek Association of Irvine (1977-1991), a science fiction fan club at the University of California, Irvine. The Star Trek Association of Irvine had a peculiar and informative reception of Star Trek that contributes to the research on Star Trek fan media. Because audience participation affects reception (Hansen, 1991: 66), it is important to understand the Star Trek Association of Irvine’s (STAI’s) reception of Star Trek by analyzing STAI’s fan fiction and other fan club materials, e.g. newsletters, fliers, and STAI’s biweekly publication, the Rank Amateur Press Association (STAI, 1984-1991). STAI’s materials have shown us one way in which policing the image of the fan (the Real Fan) negotiated with norms of reception. STAI had to posit its own image of the fan in the context of a larger discourse of science fiction fandom that revolved around a particular construction of the fan as an excessive and ambivalent investor (Jenkins, 1992). Through reflections on proper fandom, STAI members participated in a disciplining of fans as syncretic (social mixing, genre mixing) and yet also consolidated by the exclusion of people and genres lacking a system (cute people/characters, fantasy). This imaginary fan and its imaginary science fiction world have come to frame larger social critiques offered by STAI, for example interweaving critiques of social representation on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Roddenberry etc., 2007) with critiques of diegetic consistency with Star Trek (Roddenberry etc., 2004) the original series.

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'Tis The Season
Raindeer with wreath

Happy Trekmas Signups are open!
Reboot Spock

happy_trekmas is again open for signups until September 14th!

In Case You Have Not Seen This Yet
Red Shirt
raft of Kahn

Art: “Sharp Dressed Men”, and “Kirk Out of Darkness” by Romanse, G
Title: Sharp Dressed Men
Artist: Romanse
Universe: TOS
Type of Art: Traditional, Chalk Pastel
Pairings(s) Kirk and Spock
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Description: Kirk and Spock from TOS ep, “A Piece of the Action”
Link to Art:“Sharp Dressed Men Here”

Title: Kirk Out of Darkness
Artist: Romanse
Universe: AOS
Type of Art: Traditional, Carbon Pencil
Pairings(s): None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Description: Kirk, STID Portrait
Link to Art:“Kirk, Out of Darkness Here”

Fic find request: Sulu/Chekov, grad school/academia to Starfleet Academy
Hi all!

I'm looking for a fic that I last read about four years ago. It's Sulu/Chekov, set pre- and during-STXI. They meet in university, where Sulu is pursuing his doctorate in ...botany? (Not sure what Chekov is doing, maybe he's an undergrad?) When Sulu finally, FINALLY finishes his dissertation, Chekov asks what he's going to do next, and Sulu replies "Quit. I'm going to become a pilot."

That is pretty much all I solidly remember about the fic, that one line about quitting to become a pilot. Some discussion with a friend has led me to think it might continue on to Starfleet Academy, where Sulu stresses out about being in classes again, and then go through at least the beginning of STXI.

Any help in tracking it down would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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