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"Can Gene Roddenberry Learn Anything From Terry Nation" by Edi Bjorklund - video
Edi Bjorklund's 20 minute academic talk - "Can Gene Roddenberry Learn Anything From Terry Nation"

Around 1987 Edi made this tape of her talk and sent it to me to illustrate with video, leaving black gaps at the time for her to use to catch up if she spoke too fast or too slow.  Over the last weeks I've filled in all the gaps and updated the images.  There was little I could do with the very old audio.  It's very pro Blakes 7 as I had just seduced her into the fandom, to the Nome editor's everlasting dismay.

Edi died in 2005, years after she suffered a massive stroke that stopped her from working or creating in fandom as Flora Poste.  I've wanted to do this forever in order to honor her, and I am just so pleased to have finally gotten it done.

I'm next going through some of my old convention tapes to see if I've got anything useful, like the original of Paul Darrow in our room sending a message to Gareth Thomas.  I can't find it right now but I have an original tape taken at the Trek crew's introduction into the NAB Hall of Fame.  Mostly scenes of them chewing, but I will search again.

Best, Mary

I'm finally putting my Star Trek fanvids up on YouTube
Realizing that the copyright holders are now monetized makes me feel much safer about putting up my music videos, so I've put Star Trek videos.  More are up on my website.  As I'm doing this, I'm saving old projects and creating best existing copies for videos that haven't been up on my site in many years.  You may find there are vids available here that you haven't seen for 30 years.  Some are blocked and if there's any blockage I take them down immediately.  Some I'm still working thru, so expect more to appear in the next few days.  Good memories.  And I'm still working in Deep Space 9.  There are a couple more new videos there.

The full YouTube channel for Star Trek videos is:

The full YouTube channel for all the fandoms is at:

All videos are available for downloading at:

Hope you enjoy them.   Best, Mary

Four new Trek music videos, and one new Mixed including Trek !
I'm planning on more DS9 videos.  Please let me know if there's a video not up that you'd like put up.

Hit Me with your Best Shot - Pat Benetar - DS9 - Quark/Grilka - 173 MB Mp2; 27 MB Mp4 - R: G

Loveable - Glass Pear - DS9 - Garek/Ziyal - 224 MB Mp2; 34 MB Mp4 - R: G

Boys of Summer - Don Henley - DS9 - Worf/Jadzea - 284 MB Mp2; 44 MB Mp4 - R: PG
I've played this song almost every month for 31 years looking for a fandom.   FINALLY!

Dashboard - Chris Young - TOS - Kirk+Spock - 214 MB Mp2; 32 MB Mp4 - R: G

If You Were a Woman - Bonnie Tyler - Mixed - 271 MB Mp2; 39 MB Mp4 - R: PG
Victor/Victoria; Sherlock Holmes; Star Wars; Red; DS9; STTNG; TOS; Quark; Get Smart; Men in Black; Superman; Dr Who; Star Trek; Boston Legal; Due South; Starsky & Hutch; Hobbit; Muncle

Best, Mary

Top Ten Most Depressing "STAR TREK VOYAGER" Episodes


Here is a LIST of ten "STAR TREK VOYAGER" episodes that I consider to be the most depressing.

President Obama meets the Doctor meets Captain Kirk (multicrossover)
Today's story was inspired by President Obama talking about Star Trek recently. I thought he might want to meet his hero!
Please find some more detailed pictures and close-ups behind the cut.
(Look what he has on his table ;) )

More pictures behind the cutCollapse )

 photo 04-Text.jpg

 photo 05-Text.jpg

 photo 06-Text.jpg

"STAR TREK BEYOND" (2016) Review

"STAR TREK BEYOND" (2016) Review

I wrote this REVIEW of "STAR TREK BEYOND", the third entry in the recent STAR TREK reboot franchise. Directed by Justin Lin, the movie stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Idris Elba.

Action figure pictures 1:6 scale
As promised to belandlix here are some of the pictures I recently took with the Quantum Mechanix Kirk and Spock. If you plan to get them, act soon, I hear they are almost sold out.

More pictures also can be found on my LJ here:

Let's make music!

 photo DSC06226.jpg

Requiem for Methuselah

 photo DSC06294.jpg

This Side of Paradise

 photo DSC07073.jpg

Excessive Criticism of “STAR TREK VOYAGER”


I wrote this ARTICLE about the TREK fandom and its views on "STAR TREK VOYAGER".

Action Figure Theatre: 50th anniversary
I forgot to post this yesterday:

Happy 50th Birthday Star Trek! Let's celebrate! #StarTrek50 #LLAP50

 photo Twitter 600 x 545.jpg

"STAR TREK BEYOND" (2016) Photo Gallery

"STAR TREK BEYOND" (2016) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from "STAR TREK BEYOND", the latest entry in the "STAR TREK" film franchise. Directed by Justin Lin, the movie stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Idris Elba.


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